Ciro and Salvatore Fontanella: "South is a piece of Naples in Riva del Garda"

I have covered more than 600 kilometers, to tell a dream come true, that of the brothers Ciro and Salvatore Fontanella, two true Neapolitans who had the ambitious dream of bringing a piece of the South to the North and they succeeded. As the title of Alessandro Siani’s film “Welcome to the South” mentions, this story could be called “Welcome to the South while staying in the North”. The location that gives life to the dream of the Fontanella brothers is the splendid setting of Riva del Garda, a Trentino town that overlooks the lake from which it takes its name. I arrive in one of their clubs and the impression is of being in Naples, but it is the Nordic accent of one of their helpers that brings me back down to earth. The two brothers arrive together to welcome me, and as is the custom among Neapolitans, handshakes are accompanied by jokes and laughter. A tour for the place and the mind goes back to Naples, San Gennaro depicted in a gigantic canvas made by Ciro, pulcinella masks everywhere, piennolo tomatoes and typical Neapolitan products on display this place is a typical symphony of Neapolitan notes. I forgot, what is the place called? South, of course.

Km from Napoli
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“The restaurant here was and is very different from the Neapolitan one, fish for example, at the time the flavors were not enhanced. Even the clubs were few, only one disco, there was no nightlife, so we decided to open a night croissant with the addition of the preparation of focaccia. It would have been the first in Riva del Garda ”.